Start with a monolith

So building a new product eh? Reading about mico-services are we? Hmmmm.

Don’t do it. That’s what I say.

Don’t over complicate your product at the beginning, yes a micro-service architecture will allow you to move faster but you don’t know what your product is yet. It’s important in early days to build something that consumers want rather than something with a fancy architecture.

Take Roadie for example, tonight we built the beginnings of our Review Service… and I thought “should I build this as a separate app?” because I know we will build more than reviews for driving instructors, but at moment we are just building them for driving instructors… why start going a bit crazy with architecture when we haven’t even got paying customers yet?!

So we aren’t. We knowingly are going to build a monolith, with clear boundaries, easily maintainable code that we can break off into service when we need to. Focus on customer value right now and let’s get into some tech debt.


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