New Project: Edinburgh Air

I love to travel. It’s something I do well and I do it a couple times in a year. In the last four years I have visited Australia, America, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and many other countries. It’s a definitely a passion of mine.

So, it wouldn’t be surprising that my next project would be travel focussed. I am hoping to build a site that will give me the latest offers from Edinburgh Airport. It could tweet these deals, it could give the latest information on the airport. Completely automated. I wonder if I could make it useful and interesting for other users.

I feel such an application may need too much human interaction to make it worthwhile. So, I am attempting to build this automated system that gives news and flight details that does not seem too spam-bot-like.

My primary hypothesis is that:

Given “Edinburgh Air” is able to display relevant airport information regarding Edinburgh Airport AND is able to deliver up to date flight deals users will use my site to book flights from Edinburgh.

Check out what I have so far:

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